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Most shoppers are using search engines like Google to find information about the products and services that they’re interested in. They’re also going online to research which local businesses they should buy from. Is your business getting any visibility? I use a variety of best practices to optimize your website and brand online so that you show up for those valuable local searches that lead to increased traffic and revenue. Brighter Digital uses a 6 step search engine optimization process to analyze your website, competitors, and target audience so you perform better in search and maintain your growth. If you’re searching for an experienced Edmonton SEO Expert then we’ve got you covered.

The Process

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost for your search engine optimization project can range depending on several factors like the scope of work, your business goals, and the level of competition in your industry. A basic SEO package from Brighter Digital starts around $500/month and goes up to $1500/month for more comprehensive work. Most of our clients land somewhere in the middle. We’ll do a free review of your business, competitors, and goals to create a custom proposal to meet your objectives. That’s just one reason Brighter Digital is one of the best Edmonton SEO companies.

As with the cost, the timeline for your SEO strategy can vary considerably depending on your objectives and the level of competition. Additionally, while you might be focused on getting to page one for a popular keyword there’s many ways that SEO can help drive more phone calls and customers to your business. We’ll analyze the landscape for your business and give you some insights about timelines and expectations before we begin your project.

The short answer is no. We’ll always take the time to explain our Edmonton SEO services and how long it might take to see results for your industry and objectives. However, if you’re not seeing the value we often work with month-to-month contracts that allow you to leave anytime. We haven’t had a client leave early yet but it could happen right?

We’ll likely set up some specific KPI’s ( Key Performance Indicators ) based on your business objectives but here’s how we generally approach this question. When you work with an Edmonton digital marketing agency there should be some clear objectives that both parties agree on to track performance.

1. Keyword Rankings

With the rise of SERP features like the local pack results and featured snippets we know that traditional organic rankings aren’t the “be all end all” of search engine optimization but they’re still very important. We’ll track some of the most important keywords for your business and show you that we’re moving in the right direction over time.

2. Organic Traffic

Improved rankings usually creates a corresponding lift in organic traffic to indicate that you’re achieving some growth.

3. Conversions & Intent

This is what it really comes down to. Better rankings and more traffic are great but increasing business is the real objective. We’ll track key conversions like phone calls and form submissions generated but we’ll also track intent metrics like people requesting directions, visiting your contact page. or completing other valuable actions.

Many businesses find that SEO delivers the best long term return on investment and there’s certainly some strong paid search advocates out there. However, these marketing tools work better together so it shouldn’t be a matter of choosing one over the other. Combining organic and paid search strategies will maximize your visibility in the search engine results giving you the best chance for success. Learn more about Google Ads.

Most consumers use the internet and search engines like Google to help them find the best products or services in their area. A good local search strategy will help your business get found when potential clients are searching for the things your business offers. Working with the right Edmonton SEO agency can have a substantial impact on your success by connecting your business with more in-market shoppers.

There’s two things to consider here:

1. Discovery – Are consumers using search engines to find your products/services?

For the majority of businesses the answer is yes. An SEO expert will usually start a new project by doing some keyword research. Analyzing your market and assessing demand will help determine potential return on investment from SEO services.

2. Brand – Are your customers going online to search for your business directly?

Shoppers might already know about you from other online or offline marketing channels and referrals. They might want to read reviews, contact you, or find other key business information. Showing up for branded searches with quality and easily accessible information are key for credibility as well as converting those shoppers into leads or customers.

Google allegedly has a roster of over 200 ranking factors so what should you be focusing on? The algorithm changes all the time but there’s a few things that have stayed consistent for local businesses

  • Optimized Google My Business Listing
  • Great Content + User Experience ( Mobile-Friendly )
  • Consistent NAP ( Name, Address, Phone ) On Top Local Citations
  • Quality Backlinks
  • Reviews

You can also see a summary from other experts by checking out the local search factors at Moz. Suggesting that there’s a single most important ranking factor would be misleading – ranking factors can even vary based on your industry, niche or even the search term – but these are a great place to start for local shops.

Our clients seem to think so but it really depends. Different SEO companies tend to have different focus areas and strengths like SEO for large corporations or specific industries. I specialize in helping small to medium sized businesses improve local visibility and get more clients or customers. If you’re a brick and mortar shop or local business in some of the following areas – there’s a good chance that Brighter Digital would be a great fit to help you grow.

  • Automotive SEO
  • Retail SEO
  • Lawyer SEO + Law Firm SEO
  • Real Estate SEO
  • SEO For Home Services
  • Health & Medical SEO
Local SEO Statistics

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a great way to market your business online if you want to promote your products and service to people in a specific geographical area. Being visible to potential customers online at the exact moment they’re searching for what you offer can have a huge impact on getting more customers and growing revenue for your store. It’s naturally a perfect fit for brick and mortar stores but anyone trying to grow their business in a particular city can benefit from local SEO.

At Brighter Digital we specialize in Edmonton local SEO and search engine optimization campaigns to increase targeted organic traffic for your business that will grow customers and revenue. We work with local businesses in automotive, real estate, shopping, lawyers, and other small to medium sized Edmonton businesses to reach business goals with a holistic approach to SEO based on a variety of local search ranking factors.

Why Is Local SEO Important?

The statistics on local search behaviour overwhelmingly demonstrate the importance of a strong local seo presence. You can find just a few of those stats in the left infographic. The bottom line is that the large majority of consumers use the internet to help them make purchase decisions and without good local SEO – they simply won’t know about your business.

Major search engines like Google have complex algorithms that are constantly changing and I want your search strategy to grow your business for the long term. Our philosophy is focusing on ethical SEO tactics with the future in mind so you don’t lose your rankings with the next Google update. If you need an Edmonton SEO specialist we’re ready to help!

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