Cost-Effective Advertising For Your Business

Online marketing platforms offer a level of tracking, versatility, and robust targeting options that traditional media simply can’t compete with. With Brighter Digital you can build cost-effective campaigns on multiple channels to drive targeted traffic back to your website. You’ll know exactly what you spent and what your campaign delivered for the money, now that’s transparency.

Google Adwords

If you could show your ad to potential customers at the exact moment they’re searching for your products or services online would you want to? Of course you would! With Google Adwords I help you craft a compelling message to show to a targeted audience at just the right moment.


Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn offer in-depth targeting and ad options so you can build campaigns tailored not just for a specific audience, but also for specific business goals. You can even create custom audiences using your existing database to drive more ROI

Bing Ads

As the less popular search engine we often forget about Bing in favor of Google Ads but there’s plenty of great reasons to make Bing a part of your marketing mix. Less competition leads to a lower cost-per-click and Bing also delivers superior targeting options for devices and demographics.


The popularity of video is undeniable and Canadians in particular consume more video than just about anyone. Bring more life to your marketing message by showing video ads to highly targeted audiences on the world’s most popular video platform.

Drive more targeted traffic to your website