“That Which Is Measured, Improves”

There might not be complete agreement on who deserves the credit for that quote but that doesn’t change how relevant it is to your business. Digital marketing strategies are generally multi-channel and can include traffic sources like organic, pay-per-click, social media, email and more. In order to maximize sales and ROI you need to be able to track how each of your marketing channels are performing and how those visitors are behaving on your website.

Analytics & Reporting

Web Analytics

Being the most popular and versatile analytics service we use Google Analytics to track and analyze your website data. Making sure you have a functional analytics account is a must for any project I take on.


First, I’ll confirm Google Analytics is installed and tags are firing properly. From there I’ll work with you to determine the key performance metrics for your business and set-up goal tracking so we can deliver monthly reporting and analysis with the data that matters to your business.


In addition to Google Analytics I pull together data from all of your relevant accounts like Adwords, social marketing, webmaster tools, heat maps,  and SEO efforts to provide you with a comprehensive snapshot of your online marketing. Ultimately, the goal is to help you make sense of all the data and provide you with actionable information to continuously improve your online marketing

Google Analytics Reporting
Start using data to improve your performance online