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Who Needs Local SEO? Is It Right For Your Business?

You might have come across local seo while researching marketing strategies for your business or maybe you even read my previous article on how to get more customer with local seo, and now you’re wondering if local seo is right for you. Well I’ve done the research and compiled the data to put together this ultra-sophisticated checklist to help you get the answer.

  • Are you a local business?
  • Are you selling products or services to local consumers?


If you answered yes to both of these questions then you’re a prime candidate for local search marketing. When customers in your area are searching for your products and services then you want them to find your business instead of your competitor wouldn’t you agree? Of course you do! Local seo is all about capitalizing on targeted local searches from real customers who are ready to do business and turn into revenue so it only makes sense to make this a key part of your marketing strategy.

Who Needs Local SEO?


A local seo strategy allows a business serving customers in a specific location to reach their audience at the exact moment they’re searching for their products and services. The additional visibility for searches with strong purchase intent can effectively grow traffic and revenue for the business.

You’ve Convinced Me – Now What?


Taking your local seo presence seriously is an important step towards your long-term business success and there’s several ways to tackle it. You can take the do-it-yourself approach and educate yourself by reading articles like the one I linked to above. There’s plenty of great resources around the internet that can help you like the Moz Blog, Phil Rozek’s blog, or even WhiteSpark right here in Edmonton. Doing it yourself is cost-effective and while you won’t get the same results a professional would ( especially in a competitive market )  it’s still a step in the right direction. Alternatively, you can reach out to a local seo professional like myself or one of a few other talented seo folks in Edmonton for help planning and executing a strategy to start building your business revenue.


What Does Local SEO Cost?


The cost of local seo will range considerable depending on how competitive your industry is, the size of your website, and exactly what services are being offered. You can expect to pay anywhere from around $500/mth up to $1000+ for your local seo strategy and your seo provider will usually give you a detailed quote on those costs after customizing a plan for your business needs. To some of you that might seem expensive and to others it could be the most affordable part of your marketing strategy but what really matters is the return on investment.


Here are some of the services that are often included in a local seo plan


  • On-Page SEO ( Local optimized titles, descriptions, headers, images, schema ) Your plan might also include content marketing to engage a local audience
  • Technical SEO ( Not specifically local but page speed, https, site structure,  and mobile-friendliness are highly important )
  • Off-Page SEO ( Local citations and link building are essential to your success )


You can also read more about my approach to a local seo strategy here.

Do you have questions about local seo for your business? Leave it in the comments!