If you’re trying to sell anything today and just about everyone is – even if it’s just selling yourself – influence and persuasion are going to be essential components of your continued growth and success. One of the core questions you have to ask yourself as a marketer is why do people say yes, what is the psychology of the yes, and how do you apply those principles in order to grow sales and revenue for your business.


In this episode I’m going to overview 6 powerful psychology principles that will help you do just that. For those of you that have read the book influence by Robert Cialdini you already know these principles and you might just be struggling with how to apply them to your digital marketing strategy. For everyone else, I highly recommend picking up a copy – it’s one of my favourite marketing novels and I just find this topic to be so interesting so let’s get started


Principle 1: Reciprocity


When someone gives us something we feel compelled to give something back in return.


Principle 2: Commitment & Consistency


The principle of commitment and consistency says that people will go to great lengths to appear consistent in their words and actions – even to the extent of doing things that are basically irrational. 


Principle 3: Liking


This principle should not be a new revelation for anyone. Customers are more likely to buy from people or businesses that they like. Your customers are also more likely to like and identify  with people that they view as similar to themselves.


Principle 4: Authority


People are basically programmed to respond to authority or the appearance of authority.


Principle 5: Social Proof


When people are unsure about anything they start looking around to see what everyone else is doing and it’s no different for consumer behaviour online. 


Principle 6: Scarcity


People are highly motivated by the thought that they might lose out on something,


That’s a wrap on 6 psych principles to influence your customers and grow sales. I hope you found at least one take away you can apply in your business, go read influence and be sure to tune in to the next episode of The Brighter Marketing Podcast