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How To Use Google Posts For Your Business

At the end of June this year Google made their new Google Posts feature available to everyone through the Google My Business Dashboard, and yes, that even includes small businesses! Two months after launch I might be a little late to the party to write an article on how to use Google Posts, but it’s such an easy-to-use feature that can help drive valuable customer actions for your business so I’m going to write it anyway. The reason being that I still see a lot of local businesses that either aren’t aware of Google Posts, don’t know how to use them, or don’t understand the benefit to their business. Let’s go ahead and tackle those questions

Google Post Knowledge Graph

What Are Google Posts?


With Google Posts your business can share messages or link users to a page on your website when they search for branded keywords ie. your company name. The posts will instantly show up in the knowledge panel for those types of queries as you can see in the example image where I’ve created a post that links to one of my recent blog articles.

The posts expire after 7 days so you should post often and you can have up to 10 posts live at once. The first two will be immediately visible in the knowledge panel and users can navigate the rest via a scroll-through carousel. Each post can be up to 300 words with an image but only the first 100 characters will be visible from the knowledge panel so use those wisely!


4 Ways Google Posts Can Benefit Your Business


There’s several different ways you can leverage Google Posts to further your business goals and you should experiment to find out what’s effective for you. Here’s 4 ideas to get you started

  • Sales & Promotions – Make sure your customers are aware of your promotions by making them instantly visible to everyone searching for your brand. If you’ve built a landing page for your sale you can also link shoppers directly to the right page.
  • Product Showcases – Do you have a new product that you want to show off? Google Posts are a great way to make sure it gets seen
  • Events – Sure, you can use event schema to mark-up your events and have them show up in the knowledge panel but Google Posts give you more control of the message with an added call to action.
  • Articles – Perhaps you’ve posted a great article recently and you want to get more visibility on your content. Google Posts makes it easy and you can see how many times each post was seen in the search engine results by visiting your Google My Business dashboard. I’d also recommend using utm parameters for any links so you can track how much traffic was actually generated by your post to better understand the value.

how to create a Google Post

How To Create A Post


Setting up a new Google Post is easy. Head over to your Google My Business dashboard at and click on posts in the left hand navigation. From there you’ll be given the option to add your image, write the text, and choose a call to action if you want to link users to a page on your website. If you’re unsure about anything you can also visit Google support for some best practices on creating a great post.

The possibilities are endless with Google Posts and they should make a welcome addition to your local seo strategy. If you’ve found an interesting or effective way to use Google Posts for your business I’d love to hear from you!