Edmonton Oilers Surge On Google Trends

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Edmonton Oilers Surge On Google Trends

I’ll admit this post has very little to do with digital marketing but I did use Google Trends so we’re still on track right? Everybody seems to have an opinion when it comes to sports – especially when it’s hockey – so when I found myself in a conversation speculating about whether or not the rest of Canada gives a crap about our team here in Edmonton, it seemed like a great opportunity to dig up some cold hard data. I used Google Trends to graph interest over time for the Edmonton Oilers during the last 5 years and the numbers might surprise you..they might shock you to your very core..or they might just be exactly as predictable as we all thought they would be.

Edmonton Oilers Google Trends Graph at Brighter Digital


Oil Nation

A winning season did promote some modest gains in 2016 but generally interest was pretty flat. Unsurprisingly it took a return to the post-season to create a power-surge of interest that has Albertans in particular feeling pretty good about themselves ( let’s welcome all the temporary fans to the bandwagon )  but what about the rest of Canada? The interest by sub-region shows that it’s actually our neighbors to the North that are repping the orange and blue. I guess the people in BC, Ontario, and Quebec have just been too busy watching their own teams lose. ( I’m joking – sort of )

Oilers Google Trends


Who’s The Fairest Of Them All

Lastly, I thought it might be interesting to check out the related topics and queries that have accompanied this new-found popularity. If you guessed that it’s McDavid getting all the love then you are correct, if you didn’t then what were you honestly watching all year? However, I think we can agree Cam Talbot and Leon Draisaitl are both worthy of some recognition.

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Best of luck to the Oil on the rest of their 2017 Stanley Cup Playoff Run!

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